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Optimizing Wellness Naturally

The following information is for health education purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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OwnFoundation Support

OwnFoundtion Protocol is designed to provide you with your daily nutritional needs.  The OwnFoundation Protocol helps supplement and obtain optimal nutrition levels everyday.

OwnFull Moon Cleanse

Completing an OwnFull Moon Cleanse can help balance the immune system, upregulate detoxification, and rid the body of unwanted guests.  Depending on your level of experience you can choose 3, 5, or 7 day OwnFull Moon Cleanse. 

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Pill Variety

OwnImmunity Support (Adult)

Supporting our immune systems has never been more important. With the OwnImmunity Protocol you're supporting your immune system with immune boosting synergist supplements on a daily basis.

OwnSleep Support

During sleep our body restores and repairs itself. The OwnSleep Protocol will support the body with nutrients it needs to find relaxation and rest.

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Happy Twins

OwnImmunity Support (Kids 2-12)

Supporting our immune systems has never been more important. With the OwnImmunity Kids Protocol you're supporting the immune system with immune boosting synergist supplements on a daily basis.

OwnConstipation Support

Constipation is uncomfortable and can lead to additional health discomforts. OwnConstipation Support Protocol can be used for occasional constipation relief.

Stomach Ache
Chinese Medicine

OwnMedicine Cabinet

Have your OwnMediicne Cabinet ready for the unexpected moments. Look through the products and pick which ones best suite your family's needs. Being prepared to fight illness / injury quickly without waiting on shipping, will help shorten the duration and severity of x illness/injury.

As always we are here to guide you in cases of illness/injury. Giving you access to these tools ensures we are able to guide you in circumstances.

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OwnDigestion Support

We live in a fast pace world where most people are eating on the go, quickly, or stressed out. These situations do not allow our body to get into the rest and digest state where it can optimally absorb the nutrients we are eating.

Most people will benefit from supporting their digestion with enzymes, nutrients to repair the GI barrier and probiotics to repopulate our bowels.

Some signs you may have low enzyme output:

Stressed while eating or eating on the go

Undigested food in stools

Foul smelling gas or stool

Bloating within 3 hours of eating

More than 3 bowel movements daily

Frequent lower gas

Tiredness after meals


Fiber-rich foods cause constipation

Hugging a Pillow

OwnUTI Support

UTI's are never fun and seem to occur at the least ideal time!

Usually doctors prescribe antibiotics, however we have alternatives to support the body and rid it of infection.

If you suffer from reoccurring UTI's, there is an underlying root cause that needs to be uncovered. 

Lying in the Grass

OwnAllergy Support (Adult/Kid)

Support your body with potent botanicals and nutrients to encourage a balanced histamine response.

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