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Stay at home mom, turned self healing advocate, Certified EMOTION CODE Practitioner, Certified BODY CODE Practitioner, and Integrative Health Practitioner Level 2, Ashley specializes in teaching people how to create their OwnLifestyle to support their body, mind, and soul.  

OwnLifestyle incorporates removing physical, environmental, and emotional toxicities, dialing in optimal nutrition requirements, supportive supplementation, daily OwnDetox rituals, seasonal OwnDetox practices, and nervous system regulation. 

In addition to OwnLifestyle, Ashley using Functional Medicine at home lab testing, noninvasive Bioenergetic Testing, targeted clinical assessments, along with your unique health history, and symptom patters, to uncover the underlying root cause(s) of imbalance within your body.

While Ashley was on her OwnHealing journey, she discovered her passion to educate, empower, and encourage people to divinely reorder their life, heal their physical body, and reorder their soul within.

Ashley is excited to help you discover the healing power of OwnLifestyle and Divinely Reorder your body, mind, and soul.

Where do I begin?

* The options below are not listed in order of importance.  

All three options contain their own power when it comes to assessing and uncovering imbalances in your body.  

Ashley will help you determine which option(s) are best for you.

No need to be overwhelmed!  You've got this


Functional Medicine Labs

At home functional medicine lab testing can uncover underlying imbalances in your body that are contributing to a disease state. Food sensitivities, hormones, inflammation markers, environmental toxins, heavy metals, nutritional markers, and more can be tested from the comfort of your home. 

These labs can also be used to prevent disease.  Discover negative trends before they manifest into disease.

* Functional Medicine Labs are only reviewed if you are a current client.  

Please reach out to Ashley before purchasing labs.

For more information email: 


Bioenergetic Testing

Did you know, our body is made up of energy and this energy can be measured.  Using hair and saliva samples, CBH Energetics will test your body for system performance (i.e. how your organs are functioning), energetic sensitivities, nutritional imbalances, resonating toxins, hormonal imbalances, and remedies for any imbalance found in the body. This scan can even be applied to animals.

 Just like FM labs, this scan can be used to discover imbalances in the body before these imbalances have a chance to manifest into disease.

*Use Ownhealth at check out for $20 off any scan  



Your current symptoms and previous  health history and symptoms, are relevant to your health journey.  Linked below are some assessments you can take asses your current state of health.

During you initial 90 minute OwnConsultation, an in-depth assent of current and past symptoms will be reviewed.  This sheds more light on the contributing factors of your current health state. 

Not sure where to begin? 
Start with the EMOTION/BODY CODE


Emotion Code is a form of energy work which releases emotional baggage from the body. This emotional baggage is in the form of trapped emotions.  A trapped emotion is a negative emotional energy that becomes stuck in the body because it was not processed and released at the time you experienced it.  These trapped emotions can cause a wide variety of issues from anxiousness, sadness, and frustration to physical symptoms such as aches and pains, headaches, stiffness, and more. The body is made of energy just as these trapped emotions are made of energy; therefore these trapped emotions are exerting an influence on the body at all times which can cause these physical and emotional symptoms to arise.  When trapped emotions are released from the body, automatically your vibration increases making conditions right for the body to heal itself and the emotional baggage lighter and easier to handle. 

I LOVE when a client chooses to begin here.  This is where you let go of your subconscious barriers to healing. 

What is BODY CODE?


Body Code is a form of energy medicine which builds on Emotion Code.  It helps identify areas of imbalance in the body including emotional issues, trauma (including generational trauma), toxins, pathogens, misalignments, nutritional deficiencies, environmental issues, allergies or intolerances, system imbalances, chakra misalignments, and more.  


When we correct the imbalances and blockages in the body, the body is able to heal itself and symptoms and discomforts lessen and even disappear.


The body always knows the order in which it needs to let go of layers so it can heal.  The Body Code is powerful tool to uncover the deeper layers of imbalances in your body. 

Open your drainage pathways first!

Drainage pathways are the pathways used to get toxins out of the body. These pathways need to be open before beginning any detox.

Your colon is the most important part of the drainage pathway. If the colon backs up (constipation) or you have incomplete/distressed bowel movements (diarrhea, cow pie bowel movements, loose stools),  everything upstream backs up, leading to a variety of symptoms. These symptoms reveal toxins are building up in your organs, tissues, and cells. 

This is why drainage begins by first supporting your colon and from there we focus on the liver/bile ducts, kidneys, lymphatic system, specific organs and tissues, and cells.

Did you know that you need to support your drainage pathways before completing a functional medicine detox?

Reasons to consider an OwnDetox...

After drainage pathways are open, jump start your wellness journey with a 7,14, or 21 day OwnDetox Program. An OwnDetox Program will gently eliminate harmful toxins while rebalancing the body at an underlying root cause level.  

OwnDetox cleanses the liver, blood, tissues, and organs from waste.  This is foundational to rebalancing the body.  

If you have experienced unwanted symptoms for a long time, you have been diagnosed with a disease, or have 10+ pounds to lose, consider doing a 21 day detox.  However if 21 days seems too daunting, start with a 7 day detox and work your way up.  Remember we are made to do hard things.  

OwnDetox Program is not a cleanse.  A cleanse is riding the gut from unwanted pathogens.  Your detox pathways need to be open before you start cleansing the body of unwanted elements or you could have unwanted symtoms arise known as a herxheimer reaction (headache, itchy skin, join pain, flu like symptoms, nausea).

Completing an OwnDetox Program with the change of every season is an ideal way to ensure your body stays balanced.  Providing the body rest with two days of fasting, an abundance of nutrients, ample hydration, and resetting our mindset around food are some of the benefits after completing OwnDetox Program.


OwnApplication Inquiry Form

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